Welcome to Basic Mining Techniques Blog (https://www.minetechpg.com/). Knowledge is derived through commitment, passion and researches in particular fields of interests. Information is the fundamental element that directly contributes to civilization and development.

This knowledge-based blog (https://www.minetechpg.com/) presents basics concepts relevant to interested individuals seeking to explore the field of mining engineering. The site only serves knowledge based contents relevant to novice interested individuals pursuing a career in the mining industry or lead-up to those anticipating a degree in mining engineering or professionals who wish to refresh basic mining principles. Hence, it must never be mistaken that the information presented in this blog qualifies one from attaining a certificate or degree in mining engineering.

The blog (https://www.minetechpg.com/) also acknowledges the Mining Engineering Department of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology thus featuring short course, consultancy services provided in the department.

The blog also features a News section that updates on events and announcements including scholarship opportunities, employment opportunities, research, short courses, news and developments specifically in the Mining Engineering Department of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

Thank you for you visiting (https://www.minetechpg.com/)and please feel free to comment and criticize.

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